Temple Makhar


Temple Makhar

Note: Please choose the suitable size of the Makhar for your Ganesh Murti (last Table) based on the provided makhar’s pat size (base) and height. Please be aware that this measurement does not include the external of the pat (base).

SizeSize Height (cm)Pat Size (Base) (cm)Size Height (in)Pat Size (Base) (in)Ganpati Murti size (in)
Medium45cm61X42 cm1824X1710, 11, 12
Large61cm73X53 cm2429X2114, 15
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  • Divine elegance awaits with Temple Ganpati Makhar by Kraftnest.
  • Meticulously crafted with a focus on sustainability.
  • Eco-friendly MDF material for an elevated festive ambiance.
  • Inspired by intricate Indian temple design art.
  • Mesmerizing patterns for artistic splendor in your decor.
  • Symbolizes spirituality, devotion, and cultural heritage.
  • Unveil the grandeur of your festivities with Kraftnest.
  • Tradition meets contemporary convenience.
  • A harmonious ode to creativity and reverence.

Note: The natural color of original wood may vary based on the material used.

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Medium, Large


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