What is MDF ?

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood panel that is formed by coalescing wood fibers obtained from breaking down hardwood and softwood in a defibrillator. It has a non-directional grain structure, making it an ideal wooden material for cutting, machining drilling processes without the production of chips or splinters. Furthermore, the absence of knot makes it easier for finishing, making it suitable for application in the interior decoration of houses and offices. MDF are usually denser than plywood, along with being considerably inexpensive. These factors make it an excellent alternative material for application wherein moisture resistant and very high impact resistance are not obligatory attributes. For instance, MDF is largely utilized in the assembly of furniture cabinetry and wood flooring subsurface.

Why do you use MDF ?

MDF is a composite material of high quality and comprises of resins and wood fibres. It is a relatively stable product that requires less fixing during the time of its existence and it is also a long-lasting product that is sturdy , durable and has a good fire resistance rating. MDF is produced in such a way that decreases virgin wood material costs. MDF is made entirely of plantation wood, ensuring that no trees are cut down in the process, making it environment friendly.

MDF Benefit? 

Smooth and polished aesthetic, Resilient to moisture damage, Durable, Sturdy and Long lasting, Less impactful on environment.

How much do the makhar weigh ? 

Dependent on design but more then 4kg+

What is your return policy? 

No, not any return Policy.

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